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Tuesday, 1/30/18: 80% completed pre-quiz for lecture 1. Pre quiz for lecture 4 due tonight
Wednesday, 2/1/18: All post quizzes due Sunday at 10pm.


Curriculum based on book "Make It Stick":
-active recall: MCQ
-interleave (sort of) (see MCQ section below)
-repetition: overlap in lectures

-review male anatomy
-review gonadal axis
-review male reproduction
-review infertility and ED
-male reproductive pharmacology 

-not all MCQ content will be covered in lectures (some are review of prior physio lectures and content (i.e. prostate) which are related to Men's health but not endocrine) but are on First Aid and Kaplan. These MCQ should be review for you.

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  1. Penile and Urethral Diseases
  2. Testicular Scrotal Disease
  3. Gonadal axis, Hypogonadism, Infertility
  4. Male Reproduction and ED


Sunday: complete Penile and Urethral Disease pre quiz by 10pm

Monday: Jan 28 at 8 am x 1 hr "Penile and Urethral Disease"
-Pre quiz for Testicular and Scrotal Disease & Gonadal axis due Monday 10 pm

Tuesday: Jan 30 at 8 am x 2 pm Zoom (Testicular and Scrotal Disease & Gonadal axis)
-Pre quiz for Male reproduction and ED due Tuesday 10 pm

Wed Jan 31 at 8am x 1 hr Zoom "Male repro and ED"
Sunday: all post quizzes due by 10pm


Penile and urethral disease
Testicular and scrotal disease
Gonadal axis and hypogonadism


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